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Category: Blonde jokes
Reader Rating: 2.50
Contributor: SouthernComedian

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Alligator Shoes

One day this blonde walks into the shoe star in Austraila and asks the clerk "Where are your alligator shoes"

The clerk says "Sorry, we dont carry any shoes of that kind"

The blonde responds "Thanks, ill go look elsewhere"

After hopping in the cab, she reached another Store deeper into town. The blonde asks another clerk "Where are your alligator shoes"

The clerk responds "haha, sorry rose darling, to find them here in such a place you will have to go get the alliator your self"

Later that day, the polic heard gunshots and complaints about a woman.

Police respond and see the lady in the water with lines of dead alligators.

What are you doing? the police asked.

The blonde responds, im looking for alligator shoes, but none of them have shoes on.

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