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Category: Blonde jokes
Reader Rating: 4.01
Contributor: joemoe

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Blonde watching the news

A blonde and brunette sit watching the 5 'o' clock news where a man is threatning to jump off a bridge.

the blonde says to the brunette i bet you ?100 that he doesn't jump the brunette replies ' ok i bet you ?100 that he does jump.

Sure enough the man jumped off of the bridge and killed himself.

the blonde gets out ?100 and gives it to the brunette.

The brunette says 'i can't take your money.'

'Why not replies the blonde?'

'Because i watched the 12 '0' clock news and he was on then so i knew that he was going to jump.'

The blonde replied 'i watched the 12 'o' clock news as well but i didn't think that he would jump again.'

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